The company carries out fire fighting and chemical leakage emergency rescue drills

Time:2019-11-24    Views:368

On November 24, Hangzhou Shengda Electronics carried out a fire fighting and chemical leakage emergency rescue drill.

At 7:50 in the morning, smoke was released on the first floor of the workshop to simulate the fire. The alarm sounded, and the employees ran out of the site orderly after hearing the alarm bell. It is confirmed that one person is trapped at the site, the commander in chief immediately organizes rescue, and the emergency support team successfully rescues the trapped person from the site.

After the completion of on-site fire treatment, the medical rescue team conducted fire alarm, correct use of fire-fighting equipment, emergency rescue for dangerous chemicals leakage and other fire safety knowledge education for all staff, and the staff carried out practical operation drills.

During the fire drill, the company also invited a professional coach from the Red Cross Society of Lin'an District, Hangzhou City, to give guidance on CPR rescue.

At last, the company leaders summarized the fire fighting and chemical leakage emergency rescue drills, especially emphasizing that employees should pay attention to safety and protect personal safety.